Thursday, July 3, 2008

Planning for The 2009 Vision Show

Did you go to the ’08 show in Boston? If you did I’ll hazard a guess that you live on the east coast. I saw a press release from Point Grey Research about the show that mentioned the ‘local’ nature of the attendees, so I guess gas prices and fuel surcharges are squeezing corporate travel budgets.

This means I was intrigued by the announcement from the AIA that the ’09 show will be in Phoenix, Arizona, at the end of March. Historically the show has alternated between Boston and San Jose, leaving the US Midwest to attend the ‘Robots & Vision Show,’ so why switch to Arizona?

AIA press release explains that this is because Phoenix has a “high concentration of semiconductor manufacturing companies … [and] … a very diverse concentration of industries using machine vision technologies in the five or six states surrounding Arizona.”

So, nothing to do with Michigan having long, miserable winters and Phoenix offering some great spring golfing?

More seriously, this announcement appears to confirm the continuing schizophrenic nature of The Vision Show: is it a show for machine vision users, in which case one would expect a heavy emphasis on integration and applications, or for machine vision integrators and resellers which means it’s about hardware and software rather than making it all work? Straddling two stools is uncomfortable.

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