Monday, August 11, 2008

Camera consolidation

So AVT, the aggressive German manufacturer of Firewire cameras, has bought up Prosilica, the Canadian maker of Firewire and now GigE cameras (story on the AIA website.) Should we be surprised?

Not me. For a long time there seem to have been too many camera companies with virtually indistinguishable product lineups, so it seemed consolidation was in order. My only question is, who’s next?

If the playing field was level I think we’d see some of the smaller German companies gobbled up. But if you’re familiar with how business works in that country you’ll know that it’s not so easy for a foreign company to make an acquisition. If someone wanted to snap up say, Baumer or Kappa, they’d have to be in a pretty determined frame of mind. But perhaps JAI have the muscle to make such a deal happen.

Watch this space.

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Andy Wilson said...

Dear Sir:

Once again I feel I have to post to your blog. You are indeed correct that there will be more consolidation among camera companies. But I feel that your observation that someone will "snap up" German companies is false. Just the opposite, in fact! With the weak US dollar, I think you will see American camera vendors acquired by European companies! Trust me, I'm a doctor!

Keep up the good work.

All the best,

Andy Wilson
Vision Systems Design magazine