Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coming soon: Vision 2008

If your travel budget will only get you to one machine vision show a year, I suggest that the annual European Vision Show, in Stuttgart, Germany, November 4th – 6th, is the one to pick.

Yes, there are other showcases of machine vision technology, but the Stuttgart show is the biggest and the best. You’ll see all the leading camera makers – Allied Vision Technology, Baumer Optronics, and the rest – as well as every vendor of machine vision software, lighting and optics. But what makes the show, so important, in my view at least, are the launches and demos of innovative new products.

Germany has long been a center of optics expertise, and over the last decade or so they’ve parlayed this into machine vision leadership. So visitors to the show should expect to see a lot of clever lighting systems, multiple flavors of 3D technology, and as always, higher resolution and higher speed cameras.

Do yourself a favor, fall on your knees and beg the boss for permission to travel to Stuttgart. For three days in November it will be the center of the (machine vision) world.

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