Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is 5 Megapixels the new black?

Two or three years ago everybody was bringing out a 2 Mp camera based on the Sony 1 1/8 chip (1600 x 1200 pixels.) When incorporated into a Firewire A camera, it’s a good combination of resolution, framerate and price.

But machine vision people always want more resolution, so the camera vendors are responding with 5 Mp products. In fairness, CMOS-based cameras of 5 Mp and more have been around a while, but now we’re starting to see CCD cameras with this resolution.

Eager to be in the vanguard of this latest fashion, Basler and JAI each have new products based around the Sony ICX625 2/3” sensor. Both are available in GigE and CameraLink flavors, and deliver 15fps of 2,448 x 2.050 pixel resolution. No word on pricing, but I’m predicting a list of $2,999.

Allied Vision Tech (AVT) has also just announced 5 Mp versions of their diminutive Guppy and the Stingray. The Guppy (not available until January 2009) is CMOS-based and will have a Firewire A interface, while the Stingray will be a B.

Read about the
JAI camera here, the Basler offering here, and use this link for the AVT cameras.

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