Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Vision Depot

When you plan out a vision system do you remember to include all those little bits and bobs that tie it all together? By that I mean things like camera mounts, brackets and enclosures, not to mention lenses and power supplies.

If you're like me, you lump them under 'miscellaneous' and then spend days tracking down exactly what you need. I've often thought it be useful if there was a one-stop-shop you coul go to for all this extra 'stuff'.

Well it seems there is. If you check out this link: The Vision Depot: Machine Vision Products Online - The Vision Depot is a manufacturer of machine vision products, including mounts, fixtures, camera enclosures, bracket kits, LED lighting, lenses, cables, and networking solutions. Purchase online.

you'll find everything you need.

By-the-way, these guys are in Michigan, USA, so if you're reading this in Germany or India they may not be so useful - unless you want to supply them with product.

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