Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good news on capital spending

Need something to lift your sagging spirits? Well how about this: the lead story in the December ’08 edition of Assembly Magazine discusses the 2009 investment plans of US manufacturing companies. And their conclusion is that, while “rosy” may be too strong a term, things don’t look bad at all.

The article, “
A Modest Increase,” uses a host of pie charts and graphs to explain who will be investing, where they are, and what they expect to be buying. Now machine vision is not discussed explicitly; the focus is on assembly automation. But since vision is becoming standard equipment on high-end assembly lines, it seems reasonable to conclude that smart cameras and vision sensors are going to be bundled in to those kinds of purchases.

So if you’re selling machine vision, the magazine article will give you an idea of who you should be talking to. And if you’re searching for a job that will let you utilize your machine vision expertise, again the article tells you where to look.

Bottom line: opportunities abound – go find them!

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