Friday, December 5, 2008

Simple is good

Does your application really need a machine vision system? Yes, as Engineers we love to play with high tech toys, but chances are, you’re short of time and need to implement a solution as fast as you can. So why not start by looking at basic photoelectric sensors rather than smart cameras and vision systems?

Many companies compete in this market – Google will find them, I’m sure – but one that caught my eye recently is
EMX Industries. In “Color, Contrast, and Luminescence Sensors: Which One Should You Choose?” by Bill Litterle of EMX, published on the Sensors web site November 1, 2008, there’s an interesting discussion of the various types of sensors available and their capabilities. For instance, a luminescence sensor can be used to identify the presence of grease on a part. Have you tried doing that with vision?

My point is that our job is to solve problems. Given that there’s no shortage of those, (not where I work, anyway,) we need to put a solution in place as quickly as possible, then move on. Sometimes a simple sensor is all that’s needed.

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