Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clothing 4 Engineers

Ever “pulled an all-nighter,” only to head home in the morning for clean clothes? Well thanks to textile experts at Japan Women's University in Tokyo, (and as reported in ‘R&Dmag.com’, March 25th, 2009,) that problem is about to be consigned to the laundry basket of history.

I know this is totally off topic, and perhaps a sign that I’ve seen one too many episodes of “
Endurance,” but I couldn’t resist the headline, “Japanese astronaut tests stink-free underwear.” As an engineer, I find myself wondering about the test criteria. How do they know it’s “stink-free”?

Still, for the legions of engineers who hate to drag themselves away from lab, desk or test bench, this could be a godsend. Think of the productivity gain from having one less personal hygiene issue to attend to.

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