Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DVT fans – the end is near

The DVT line of smart cameras has a loyal fan base out in the real world of manufacturing plants. These fans are going to be very disappointed by the news that Cognex has decided to “NINA” the entire DVT family from June 26, 2009.

If you’re scratching your head over that particular acronym, “NINA” means Not Intended for New Applications. In other words, the Cognex salesforce, (and that includes their distributors,) will not be offering DVT products for new projects after that date.

Does this mean your DVT cameras are all obsolete? Well not entirely. Cognex have been pretty good about supporting older product lines, at least for a while, so it’s not as if they’re walking away from the DVT range. In fact you should still be able to buy DVT cameras until early 2011.

But with that said, you’d better start getting familiar with Insight programming, because any new projects you work on should be using that product family rather than the old 500 series.

Regular users of the DVT “Smartlist” discussion forum have already flagged that the DVT software has some tools not available on the Insight. In response, Lisa Eicher of Cognex said that they are interested in getting feedback from users regarding functionality issues. So if you have concerns, email Lisa at Cognex (I’m not posting her email address here ‘cause the spam ‘bots will pick it up and deluge her – email me if you want it,) or sign up for the Smartlist and post your comments there.


Anonymous said...

Hey dudes, try using Keyence CV-5000 series to replace your DVT

Anonymous said...

Given that the most popular DVT product lists for under $2500 and has tools as-or-more powerful than keyence, that isn't a very helpful suggestion! The last quote I got for a Keyence CV-5000 system was $5300 (comparable to the $2500 DVT 515: monochrome 640x480 resolution camera). Even In-Sight has cheaper choices with more horsepower.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the National Instruments line of smart cameras? The pricing comparable to DVT and the horsepower is equivalent or better. The Vision Builder AI software is also pretty easy to use and has a similar layout to the DVT Intellect software.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at the new Matrox smart camera??