Sunday, March 8, 2009

Interpreting camera specifications

In my experience, the people who sell machine vision cameras are a pretty smart bunch. They know the areas in which their products excel, and also which areas not to spotlight, so it can be hard to make objective comparisons. To address this lack of clarity, the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) recently published their 1288 Standard.

Titled, “
Standard for Characterization and Presentation of Specification Data for Image Sensors and Cameras,” it seeks to simplify the business of comparing makes and models by putting all camera specifications in a common format. This will ensure that quoted sizes, characteristics and performance data are all derived and presented in the same way. Think of it as having a set of zero to 60 times for cameras.

I think this is a great initiative, but I’m not clear about how it will be implemented and enforced. There will also need to be some buyer education if it’s going to have much value.

I’m not educated in the ways of standards bodies, but I’d like to suggest two steps that should be taken.

  1. Here in the US the AIA should require all member companies to describe their products in ways that comply with 1288.
  2. There should be an effort to incorporate 1288 into an ISO standard.

Well that’s just my 2 cents. Anyone else like to weigh in?

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