Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feedback on Phoenix

Some time ago I suggested that ‘The Vision Show’ was a rather muddled event of little value to most of us in the machine vision world. (Well that was my excuse for not splurging on a flight out to Phoenix AZ and a four star hotel.)

Unfortunately Jeff Dannay, one of the founders of “
Machine Vision Consulting,” did not take my advice, and ended up a disappointed man. To learn why, let me refer you to his blog.

It seems that Jeff has belatedly come to the same conclusion as me: The Vision Show doesn’t know who its audience should be, and as a result, satisfies no one. Jeff suggests that the Chicago-based “
Robots & Vision Show” might be a better event, and based on my experience from 2006, I agree.

Rosemont, Illinois may not have the allure of Arizona but for those of us who live and breathe machine vision, it’s going to be the place to visit in June ’09.

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