Thursday, May 28, 2009

Take a closer look

Sometimes a really nice product comes along that just seems unable to gain any traction in the marketplace. Everyone looks at it and says, “Yes, that’s neat, I could use it,” but then fails to put their money where their mouth is.

Such a product is the family of
Sony smart cameras. They run XP embedded, so they’re basically a PC in a box, and with Halcon able to run on the latest models, you’ve got the power of a high-end vision system in a compact, production line-ready, package.

Halcon, by the way, is another underappreciated product, in North America anyway. (I think it sells much better in Europe.) Developed by
MVTec of Germany, Halcon is certainly comparable to products like Matrox MIL, Sapera and VisionPro. If you need the power of a PC-based vision system and the form factor and convenience of a smart camera, this combination might be worth considering.

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