Monday, February 8, 2010

Inexpensive machine vision from NI

You don’t often see “NI” and “inexpensive” in the same sentence but I’ve discovered it’s true. Let me explain:

Log on to NI’s website and you’ll find that Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) is listed at $1,899. It’s a nice piece of software but to me that pricing seems a little steep. But purchase their entry-level smart camera – the 1722 – and VBAI is included for the grand price of $1,999.

Now to me that’s a good deal, and it puts the base camera in direct completion from the more basic offerings such as those from Banner.

Order it now before NI realize what they’ve done!

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Graham Fogarty said...

Mr G: I think you've touched on an interesting topic regarding pricing. Within the machine vision sector pricing is normally on a request basis, often requring email, project descriptions details or lengthy phone calls with sales people. Also there is often significant difference in pricing between Europe and US for the same items. With internet communications and online web stores quite common place, I would like to see better transparency in product pricing from both manufacturers and distributors alike..