Thursday, June 10, 2010

Attendance stats for The Vision Show

Despite my absence (or possibly, because of my absence,) Jeff Burnstein, President of the AIA, was “thrilled with the show…” held in Boston last month. According to the press release, “Nearly 1,900 people registered…” which apparently is double the number from 2009.

I’m glad to hear trade show traffic is up because that suggests there’ll be more actual purchasing following on behind, but I can’t help thinking that if 1,900 visitors constitutes a successful show, then the AIA have set the bar rather low.

If you figure it cost each exhibitor $10,000 for their pitch (and I’m probably being conservative, especially if you factor in hotels and meals,) then they paid $5.26 for each pair of eyeballs. Does that represent good value for money?

If you think it does, then I will gladly accept your advertising on my blog, at the bargain rate of $5.00 per page view.

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