Sunday, June 20, 2010

Machine vision brain snacks updated

Some years back I stumbled across a neat little feature on the Coreco web site called, if memory serves, “Bob’s Brain Snacks.” These were short, blog-style postings in which “Bob” explained in simple terms how various image processing tools actually work. I found them a very useful primer.

Well the “Brain Snacks” have gone the way of Coreco, but I noticed recently that Matrox are offering something similar. Under the heading of “Vision Squad Files,” Matrox provide a series of tips, tricks and explanations. They’re not quite as to-the-point as “Bob’s Brain Snacks” of yore, but they do a good job of explaining how to use various tools to actually get something useful done.

Use the link I’ve provided to reach them as they’re rather hidden away on the large Matrox web site.

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Anonymous said...

Bod's Brain Snacks still exists, all be it in a slightly different form.
Coreco became Dalsa.
The blog cam be found here:
The blog link is above the main menu bar.