Sunday, July 25, 2010

Machine vision in the infra-red

I thought this was an interesting product announcement. Flir have been steadily building their presence in IR imaging, but historically they seem to have been aiming for the scientific, security, and maintenance markets. With the launch of the A615 – a VGA resolution GigE IR camera, they seem to be turning their attention to machine vision applications, particularly those in the food industry.

There are a couple of companies in the IR-MV space already – JAI and Sensors Unlimited – so this would seem to great a little more competition. That has to be a good thing, because one of the barriers to greater use of IR is price. Some of those cameras can be seriously expensive.

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Gary Bartos said...

Thermal IR microbolometer cameras suitable for industrial use have been available since FLIR acquired AGEMA in the late 90's. The cameras available at the time met expectations, and the technology appears to have improved since. I'm glad to see that FLIR has continued to produce robust cameras for thermal IR applications.