Monday, September 27, 2010

New machine vision product from Keyence

I’ve just been reading through the specs on the new XG-7000 series from Keyence. This looks like an evolution of the 5000 series, which itself had some pretty impressive capabilities. So how did they make a good product even better?

Well, and I should stress that this is just from reading the brochure, I haven’t had a chance to touch and feel the device, first off, they made it more user friendly. The big improvements in this regard are the use of flow charts and conditional branching although with the ability to customize interface screens.

There seem to be a number of upgrades under the hood too. Users can now transfer images by FTP, there’s a 2D code reading tool, and some new image calibration functions. I also spotted some enhanced image calculation” capabilities (adding and subtracting) and an interesting “blob filter”. When I see “blob filter” I think in terms of discarding blobs based on criteria such as size, feret diameter and so on, but this seems to be a little smarter than that. Lacking any details though, I guess I’ll have to wait for a chance to get down and dirty with the XG-7000 before I can really comment.

The XG-7000 series machine vision system from Keyence – an interesting alternative to PC-based vision.

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John Salls said...

I had a chance to attend a couple of days of training on the product about a month before it was released. It is a system that has existed for some time in Japan so this is not exactly a brand new system but rather a translation (good news is it is very very stable code but documentation was still being developed). I think the big thing is that you are able to program the system entirely from a PC opening up a lot of functionality. There are many cool tools and a lot of OEM focused ability to protect your code. And they have some pretty strong tools in general.

I would say that this is the first system I have seen that has the right program environment, capabilities, and sales structure to give Cognex a real run for their money since DVT.