Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who are they?

Flicking through the electronic version of Inspect, the machine vision magazine published by Inspect-online, I came across a large advertisement for Ximea. “Seriously different” it says.

Well I like to think I know who’s who and what’s what in machine vision, but I’ve never heard of Ximea, so I typed it in to my browser.

Go ahead, try it:

Lots of questions floating through the cyber-ether but no answers. I guess that’s the idea. Apparently I’ll need to attend the Vision 2010 show to learn more. Unless that is, any of my dear readers would like to share what they know.


Anonymous said...

Linkedin has some information:

Anonymous said...

Max Larin, CEO of Ximea, is also CEO of SOFTHARD, which has some interesting products:

Anonymous said...

A simple whois-search reveals that was registered by a certain Paul Stefek, who happens to use an email address of the company Softhard. (

Gabriele said...

Ximea is a joint venture of Softhard ( and Delaro (
Check out the upcoming INSPECT 6 for more information on the company, their goals and the people behind.