Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Machine Vision Jobs

In a diversion from the advertised posting (if you’d been following along yesterday you’ll have been expecting a second piece on image focus,) I’d like to share with you details of a couple of jobs that caught my eye.

A recruitment company is looking for a Test Manufacturing Engineer 3D Machine Vision, and a Microsoft C++ Machine Vision Software Designer Engineer to work in Bridgeton, Missouri. These both read like fairly high-level machine vision jobs, requiring deep understanding of light, optics, image processing and especially the relatively new field of 3D. The quoted salaries are in the $60-$80K range.

Now I don’t know much about the cost of living in Bridgeton, MO, but these salaries seem very low for the type of expertise they’re after. I’m pretty sure housing is less expensive than in say, San Francisco, but on the other hand, is Bridgeton quite as alluring to young, mobile technology professionals as somewhere like Boulder?

I dare say there are talented folks that, for various reasons will be interested in these jobs, but those salaries are not going to attract a plethora of highly qualified candidates from around the country.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to focusing.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen a similar posting for a job in western Massachusetts. The company needed in-house vision expertise, but didn't sell vision systems.

The job requirements had the usual string of jargon and rah-rah terms: excellent written and oral communication skills, X number of years of experience, ability to work independently or in a team, etc.

The company was interested in someone with deep experience in machine vision hardware and software, project management skills, X number of years of practical experience, an ability to do any and all work on a project AND interact with customers, etc., and so on. The ideal candidate would be someone with experience in a specific industry.

The proposed salary range was comparable to what a mid-level apps engineer with no management responsibilities would earn at any of several companies in Boston. The salary range for mid-career engineers may not be as broad as the potential salary range for a salesman who works on commission, but there is a reasonable minimum salary for a machine vision engineer with solid experience. It's not an easy job, and there aren't really that many of us in the world.

I wrote to the recruiter to indicate that there may be no individual who met all qualifications, and even if such a person did exist, they would more likely find a senior position at a machine vision OEM.

- Gary