Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Library of machine vision Technical Tips

Vision guys in Europe are probably familiar with Stemmer Imaging but here in North America they’re pretty much unknown. That might mean we’re not going to take advantage of all the products they offer but it’s no reason not to delve in to the Technical Tips section of their web site.

Unfortunately it’s not searchable (for some reason the tips are listed only in alphabetical order,) but scrolling down the list reveals a host of fascinating papers and discussions. These range from “Calculating Dynamic Range” to “Ultraviolet Imaging” and span the whole gamut of machine vision technologies – lighting, image sensors, optics, image acquisition and processing.

If you’re interested in broadening your machine vision knowledge, the Stemmer Tech Tips are definitely worth browsing.

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Jon Vickers said...

Hi Brian,
We recently upgraded the STEMMER website - to include more search capability. Try a search for polarisation (if its one of my Tech Tips it'll be UK spelling). There's a new Tech Tip every 6 weeks or so - sign up for the newsletter to receive them.
Jon Vickers