Sunday, December 12, 2010

Managing your software engineering

If you’re in the business of developing machine vision “solutions” you’re also in the software business. And a very tricky business it is too.

I’m not talking here about the difficulties of developing a robust application, though that can be mind-bogglingly complex, but rather the challenge of managing all those pieces of code. Software development tends to be highly iterative – write, test, modify – and that means it’s important to maintain a logical tracking system.

This becomes even more difficult, and correspondingly important, when you have a team working on a piece of software. How do you ensure that everyone is working on the right version, and that all the pieces will fit together as needed?

Well one tool is “Version Control Software.” A number of companies offer such products, but it turns out there are quite a few available for free. “Free” - isn’t that the sweetest word in the English language? Well perhaps not if you’re in Sales, but if you’re a developer you might want to check out
Free Source Code Version Control Software, as posted on the “thefreecountrycom ” web site.

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