Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another contender for biometric identification

Biometric research is a crowded field these days with every computer vision researcher looking for a novel angle, but when I read a piece in Vision Systems Design about ear biometrics I had to check it wasn’t April Fool’s Day. (I’d like to share a link to the story but unfortunately I can’t find it on their web site, so here’s a link to another posting of the same story, “A Novel Ray Analogy for Enrolment of Ear Biometrics.”)

If you take the time to read the report, and especially if you read the actual paper, you’ll learn as I did, that perhaps this isn’t such a crazy idea. We all have ears, and interestingly, they don’t change much over time or as we put on weight. Long hair is of course a problem, but how difficult would it be to sweep your long locks out of the way for a camera?

This might be a biometric that actually has legs (or should that be lobes?)

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