Thursday, January 6, 2011

Machine vision tips and tricks

Over the last couple of years PPT Vision is a company that’s been getting its act together. This year the IMPACT software has been updated (it’s now at Version 10,) and the company seems to have beefed up their marketing efforts.

Besides a professional-looking YouTube video from CEO Bob Heller, there’s also a rather informative blog. I’ve just spent some time browsing, and I think there’s some good content for anyone wanting to improve their vision knowledge. Naturally enough, it’s oriented towards PPT products, but in my view they’ve struck a good balance between product promotion and useful information. There seems to be a weekly update, so if I ever find some free time I’ll try to add a feed here. Until then, here’s a link to use:

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jeff schmitz said...

I am biased, but there are some very useful techniques for improving vision system operation and notes of best practices in this blog.

It does seem to be updated by an AE at least once a week.