Monday, March 28, 2011

Laser confusion

I noticed that Coherent were exhibiting their Lasiris range of “structured light lasers” at the Automate show.

“Nothing remarkable about that,” you might be saying, but not so fast!

Didn’t Coherent kill the Lasiris line when they took it over from Stocker-Yale? And when Stocker-Yale pupated into ProPhotonix they launched the I
nVisio line of lasers. Those are pretty nice in that they have a square body (easy to clamp to,) and external focus adjustment, but they do force me to reengineer my existing laser-based designs.

But now Coherent have brought back the trusty Lasiris diode laser family, so I can go back to my old designs. Of course, this also means there’s more competition in the marketplace, so if they think I’m paying what I used to they can think again. There has to be at least one winner in this game of musical product chairs, and I’d like to think it’s me!

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