Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coming attraction – telecentric imaging in 4 parts

Rather than a new post, today I’m going to run a trailer for what’s coming. Regular readers know that Spencer Luster of Light Works is an occasional contributor to these pages. Well if you check out that link you’ll see that one of his interests is telecentric imaging.

Telecentricity is one of those aspects of machine vision that is poorly understood, under-appreciated, and therefore under-utilized, much like me really! But whereas I just need to spend more time on self-promotion, telecentricity needs a series of illustrated articles that show just what it can do for you. So over the next four Mondays, that’s what we’re going to have.

The first article, “Telecentric Lenses with Collimated Light: Part I, Subtle Defect Detection” will go up on Monday, August 1st, with “Telecentric Lenses with Collimated Light: Part II, Alignment” following on August 8th.

Don’t forget to check in!

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