Thursday, August 18, 2011

Machine Vision Store

Where’s the first place you go for cameras, lenses and so on? Edmund Optics? Edmunds has pretty much cornered the market as an on-line store for machine vision components. One-stop shopping can certainly simplify the purchasing activity but it doesn’t necessarily lead to lower prices and improved service. Only competition does that.

Well completion is what Brian Durand of MachineVisionStore is hoping to provide. This online B2B seller of cameras, lights, lenses and cables is hoping that a simple interface and sharp, transparent pricing will attract some of the money that currently flows Edmunds way.

Whenever I search on Edmunds a hundred items come up on the list, none of which are exactly what I’m looking for. Unlike Edmunds, MachineVisionStore is targeting a small vision niche, which should make shopping easier for those assembling their own vision system. I’m sure this will not be without challenges: I think it will be rather difficult to entice buyers away from their established suppliers, but I wish Brian well with his endeavor.

Now Brian, how about a reciprocal link?

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Brian Durand said...

Thanks for mentioning Love your blog! I read it frequently.

Yeah, Edmunds has an enormous catalog, and they're well known. But I don't think any company can be all things to all people.

We're offering a more select group of components, aimed directly at machine vision imaging instead of the broader optics industry. By keeping our catalog focused, we're better able to support our customers and deliver best prices.