Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Results of the touch screen survey

A little over a week ago I asked, “Where do you stand regarding touch screen interfaces for machine vision?” Here’s what you said: 
  • Love them and will use them everywhere   7%
  • Have used when the application warranted, and will do so again   60%
  • Tried one, didn’t like it   7%
  • Never tried using one for machine vision   26%
A couple of you also posted some interesting comments. One suggested that gesture control will rapidly become ubiquitous, rendering the mouse obsolete, while a second suggested buying a touchscreen monitor rather than a touchscreen computer.
Leaving aside the vision of programmers waving their arms around like some demented baseball player signaling his teammates, what are we to conclude from all this?
Well overall, it seems those who have tried a touchscreen found it useful, so if you’re in the 28% that have never given one a go, try it. However, there seems to be an implication in the responses that: a) they might work better for simple applications, and b) don’t splash out on a fancy touchscreen computer; just buy a monitor.
Waiting for your feedback!

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Brian Durand said...

I'm usually working with customers that live in a world of change. Their products change; their inspection requirements change; their production methods change. Not on a daily basis, but certainly over several months.

They don't have time to wait for a "vision guru" to re-program things. They don't want to bother with connecting a laptop to troubleshoot the system. They therefore find great value in having some sort of operator interface (touchscreen) always connected to their vision systems.

Seeing a picture is worth a thousand words!