Thursday, September 15, 2011

The best way to skin the cat?

Sure, we know there are many ways to solve a given vision problem (“skin the cat”,) but is there ever a ‘best’ way? Well when it comes to web inspection I think Thor of Scorpion Vision has certainly hit on a smart idea.

Under the heading of “Scorpion 3D Surface Defect App” Thor describes a triangulation-based 3D approach to web inspection. There’s also a nice little animation to make his approach clear. What I like about this is how it eliminates the effects of varying surface reflectivity and inconsequential marking.

Of course, if it’s surface marking you’re after you might want to go with a more conventional web approach. A short post on the Vision Systems Design website alerted me to one company offering just such. This is Slovenia-based Wise Technology, who has a system called “Wise Scan.”

Technical details are rather sparse, but as best I can tell it’s a fairly conventional web system. That doesn’t mean it’s no good; it’s probably perfectly good for many applications (and perhaps quite price-competitive too,) but I feel that Thor is adding something extra.

Now, how about combining the 3D with regular web inspection? That would yield a mass of data about the surface, perhaps increasing robustness too. Any venture capital folks interested in backing me?


Thor said...

We are in the process on launching Scorpion Vision 9.0 - in this process we have invented Scorpion Vision Apps - the 3D Surface Apps is one of the first sample provided to the public - at lot more will follow - easy to use 2D and 3D apps - the surface app it very powerful based on true 3D image processing - will be a demo application to be downloaded for everyone with Scorpion 9.0 on monday 19th :)

Brian Durand said...

Take a look at the Sick Ranger. Some models can output both 2D grayscale images and 3D profiles simultaneously.

Thor said...

This is not just a heightmap :( It is also a lot more accurate than the Sick 3D Camera - but not as fast...