Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In-car video analytics

I’ve been learning about the new E-Class Mercedes. No, not shopping, just daydreaming. And I’ve been very impressed by its safety technology. There’s even radar-based cruise control to stop you running into the car in front while checking email on your Blackberry. But is radar the best way to do this kind of proximity sensing?

Michigan-based Quantum Signal is putting much effort into automotive video analytics technology. On their website they show off Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and my personal favorite, Traffic Sign Recognition. (There is a video of each one.)

These are all impressive feats; I look forward to getting them on my car and avoiding tickets for speeding or failing to stop at a Stop sign, but what I want you to consider is how they do it. These systems, and the retail systems I covered previously, operate in what are unconstrained environments. To be more specific, there is no control over the lighting yet the systems are able to extract information from video.

Have I got you thinking?

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Anonymous said...

Well, radar works better when there's fog..