Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New cameras

Over the last few days there’s been a torrent of new product announcements from German camera manufacturer AVT. Might this be connected with the Vision show held last week? How naive do you think I am?

Cynicism aside, these are some interesting products. Let’s start with the 6 Mp Prosilica GX2750. This uses a Dual GigE Vision® interface to deliver full-frame images from its CCD sensor at 19fps. Impressive numbers, to be sure. I have to say though, since I believe the pixels are just 4.5 microns and the cooling fins imply considerable heat generation, I am a little concerned about noise in the images.

Perhaps then I should look at their cooled camera, the AVT Bigeye with Active Cooling. Presumably resulting from the acquisition of VDS, this features a Peltier cooler to reduce noise. I have a feeling this is something we shall see more of as pixels shrink and resolutions grow.

Last off, (and I lack a good segue into this,) is the AVT Bonito. This is an impressively fast camera – 4Mp at 386fps – but what really intrigues me is the interface: CameraLink.

Okay, there’s nothing particularly earth shattering about CameraLink, but it’s new for AVT. They started out with FireWire, moving into GigE with the acquisition of Prosilica. And now CameraLink?

If other camera companies weren’t already paying close attention to AVT before, they should be now.

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Jon Vickers said...

A couple of comments - for stats fans there is also the GX6600, with 29 megapixels @ 4fps.

An interesting point about the Bonito is that in order to get the full throughput there are 4 CL connectors to give a pair of cameralink full outputs. But you'll be glad to hear it has 7um pixels.

In addition AVT showed the Goldeye NIR InGaAs and Pearleye NIR microbolometer ranges. They really seem to have the market sewn up!