Monday, December 5, 2011

Do we need to explain the steak?

Non-American readers will be puzzled by that title, so let me explain. There’s a saying here about selling the sizzle, not the steak. It means to tell the customer about the wonderful benefits from buying the steak rather than just showing him the meat. In short, I’m asking if it’s still necessary to start every management presentation with a definition of machine vision?

I raise this point because back on September 14th I promised you a paper titled, “What is Machine Vision? A Management Guide.” I sat down to write it and realized that managers in manufacturing organizations probably know what machine vision is. They may not know of its strengths and weaknesses, nor will they be able to summarize the benefits of deploying such technology, but they do grasp that, in its crudest form, a machine vision system is a digital camera coupled with software that analyzes the images and returns data and conclusions.

So “What is Machine Vision? A Management Guide” has been replaced with “What Can Machine Vision Do For Me? A Management Guide” and if anyone disagrees with my logic I would love to hear why.

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Alejandro Galindo said...

I wouldn't go so general with this one; in my opinion it depends on the area in which the target company is working and .... most importantly the country (This will be puzzling for the Americans :),there is life beyond those borders). For example central and South America are way back in the line to get inspection systems and even some American companies are just seeing the benefits of it...
You do what with a camera? How!!!