Thursday, February 2, 2012

Camera design/development jobs

In what I take as another sign of industry growth, I noticed that camera-maker JAI are hiring. They’re seeking a Software Engineer and a Project Engineer for their operation in San Jose, California. (I think that’s what used to be Pulnix, many years ago.)

San Jose is not the cheapest place in the world to live, although it has its compensations – San Francisco is a few miles north, the Pacific Coast just a little to the west, blue skies… As these are what might be described as “high-end” jobs requiring very specialized skills, I suspect the pay and benefits won’t be too shabby either.

On a broader note, these job openings would suggest that JAI have some development projects underway, and that in turn implies some confidence about future business. But, (like the Wall Street Journal, I have to follow every piece of good news with a negative twist,) we should remember that much, maybe even a majority, of JAI’s business is in traffic and security. Thus it would be unwise to assume that these new cameras (if that’s the development goal,) are intended for or predicated on the industrial machine vision market.

Still good news though.

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