Sunday, April 15, 2012

Machine vision job opportunity

The jobs market for machine vision specialists is pretty healthy – in North America at any rate, I’m less familiar with other parts of the world – so don’t think there are legions of unemployed engineers scouring the Wanted ads. But everyone likes a change at some time or other, so I thought I’d share news of some openings in New Hampshire.

Advertising on, Osram Sylvania are looking for a “Machine Vision Engineer - Sr / Jr”. Knowledge of Cognex/DVT, Sherlock or equivalent is required, along with VB and CAD skills. No word on money, but I’m sure Osram know the market rates. If you’re looking for a change, this could be a very good position.

One word of caution for those of you outside the US – there’s no word on whether they’re willing to sponsor visa or Green Card applicants, but if that’s something you’d need you’d better be exceptionally well qualified.

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