Monday, April 9, 2012

Yet another camera communication standard

FireWire, GigE, USB 3.0 … do we need another standard? Well some machine vision users do, yes.

The problem is that every standard has its strengths and weaknesses. I touched on this last month under the heading of “Pros and Cons” (take a look for details,) so some users want something that does better – “better” usually meaning higher speeds over long cable lengths.

That’s where CameraLink High Speed (CLHS) comes in. Promoted by Teledyne Dalsa, this aims to be “future proof” so as you upgrade to ever higher resolution cameras the infrastructure can remain unchanged. Personally I think this is more of an issue in traffic and surveillance applications, but it’s something we industrial/manufacturing types should be aware of.

So how do you learn more? Well as always, you click the link I shall provide. In this case it takes you to “Vision & Sensors: Machine Vision Standards”, published on the Vision & Sensors site, March 8th 2012.

Be aware though that CLHS may not be the last word in camera interfaces: there’s CoaXPress too.

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