Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camera interface trends

I won’t be buying the AIA’s new Machine Vision Camera Study: at $950 for nonmembers it’s a little rich for me, but I was interested to hear about one of the major trends recognized.

In “Vision Standards Prepare the Industry for a Wide Spectrum of Applications” (May 22nd, 2012,) Winn Hardin rambles on about work on CameraLink HS and CameraLink 2.0 before mentioning the dominant standard. Apparently the AIA study reveals that GigE is now the interface leader.

Now I imagine that’s in terms of units sold, not the dollar value of sales. GigE tends to be found in the more run-of-the-mill cameras, high-speed, high-res still using CameraLink, but clearly end users have learnt that GigE works and is inexpensive. I tend to use it for everything these days: my FireWire cameras are little more than dust collectors.

Clearly, FireWire camera maker AVT saw this coming a few years back when they took the plunge into GigE by buying Prosilica. Smart move, but will USB3 see off GigE the same way?

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Vincent Rowley said...


Over the last few years, the trend was that GigE Vision was the fastest growing interface.

The new statement about the fact that GigE Vision was the dominant interface was music to my ears after having worked for a number of years developing GigE Vision products and standards.

I has nevertheless wondering if this was in terms of units sold as opposed to revenues. Perhaps someone will be able to provide some comments about this.

With respect to the impact of USB3 Vision on GigE sales, well it is not clear for me. My feeling is that people who moved to GigE because of distance will stay with GigE. Likewise, they will stay with GigE if they use this interface to seamlessly share video. I believe USB3 Vision will first steal a piece of the Camera Link market in the applications where distance and sharing of information is not needed (i.e. the traditionnal point-to-point applications). I think people will go to USB3 Vision because of the overall system cost reduction in such applications.

I believe many Camera Link camera vendors will be working hard to offer USB3 Vision cameras as soon as possible in order protect overall revenue by preventing competition to steal Camera Link camera sales.

The framegrabber companies may take another hit. USB3 Vision will likely do them the same trick that GigE Vision did...

It will be good to see what others have to say about this.