Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PPT to lead the vision software benchmarking charge?

How’s your memory? If it’s in good shape, and you’ve been reading my ramblings for some years, you might recall me commenting on Andy Wilson’s plea for an objective test of machine vision software performance. (“Wanted: a real Buyers Guide” February 2009)

Well in the June 2012 issue of Vision Systems Design Andy returns to this topic with a report that an Italy-based consortium is developing just such a test. Those wanting to learn more should read the VSD article for a detailed explanation, or just skip straight to the Vialab website.

An interesting side note is that one of the principal project contributors is Datalogic. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, allow me to remind you: late last year Datalogic announced that it would be acquiring PPT Vision.  Does this mean PPT’s Impact machine vision software will be one of the first products formally tested? I have no inside information, but you’ve got to agree, it would make sense.

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