Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The latest and greatest in image processing

In response to my recent plea for material, I was sent links to the recent CVPR conference. I believe CVPR stands for Computer Vision and pattern Recognition, or something very similar, and as such, it’s a little off-topic for this blog. However, those of you interested in such things may well be interested, so some links will follow.

But for those wondering why computer vision doesn’t fit in a machine vision blog, let me explain. It’s a little like the difference between science and engineering. Computer vision is all the science about how to extract information from images. Machine vision on the other hand, is the application of computer vision tools, (like pattern recognition,) to solve industrial problems.

Now admittedly, machine vision is moving out of the factory and into other areas, notably vehicle safety aids and guidance and surveillance, but it’s still about putting the computer vision tools to work. Computer vision is, in my humble opinion anyway, about developing new tools.

But for those interested in what’s coming down the pipe, Andrej Karpathy posted a list of CVPR 2012 Highlights on his “Musings of a computer scientist” blog. This is extremely useful, because it save the time-crunched among us from trawling through the immense list or oral and poster presentations. If however you want to do this, this is where to access the list of computer vision papers.

Happy browsing!

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