Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sheet of light on a robot

Laser triangulation-based 3D scanning systems have become rather “old-hat” of late. Sick have been selling their Ranger product for several years and AT have a similar 3D camera. But even so, I hadn’t seen anyone mount the laser and camera system on the end of a robot.

That’s what the video below, from AQSENSE shows.

AQSENSE is an interesting company. Several years ago there had the foresight to recognize that laser scanning was on the cusp of going mainstream, but rather than develop a camera or scanning, they decided to tackle the software. Specifically, they started, (if my memory serves me correctly,) with an improved peak detection tool.

More recently, this has grown in to a set of products all aimed at simplifying the business of acquiring and handling point clouds. This vid gives an overview of their technology, (though I recommend watching with the sound muted,) and I encourage those seeking more info to visit their website.


Anonymous said...

You should go more to youtube:

Anonymous said...

Almost half of the sheet of light applications I've seen were mounted on robots. It's very common.