Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Smart camera processors

Interesting article on the VisionOnline website for those curious about the horsepower in their smart cameras. “Smart Cameras Deliver PC-Host Power” (July 25th, 2012,) discusses trends from the earliest days of smart cameras to the present. The message is that smart cameras are rapidly acquiring full PC capabilities, which is why they can run products like Halcon, but it wasn’t always so.

One of the biggest issues has been heat, which is where the Intel Atom began making inroads. And now, with the latest generation of i5 and i7 processors finding their way in to “ultrabooks” I have to think they’ll soon be hooked up to cameras too.

What, I wonder, are the implications of this shift? Will machine vision users want Windows-based smart cameras, or will we migrate to Linux? I can see that becoming an attractive path, in which case Ned Lecky of Voyant Vision will be on to another winner. Or is there a case for Google’s Chrome?

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Here's another take, processing on camera interface card:

Jakob Kirkegaard said...

The winners are going the be cameras supporting, and the developers writing portable code.

Why should you care whether your application is going to run in a linux/windows/mac box or smart camera a or b? Of course there will be differences between the platforms that you need to address, but the days are over where a very complex vision system is implemented in some highly camera specific scripting langauge and/or GUI drag'n'drop interface.

Some further thoughts