Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Administering a line full of vision systems

Back in the days when vision systems were few and far between, when a production line needed to be changed over life was simple for the vision engineer. He’d walk out, laptop under his arm, connect to the smart camera, and update or change the program.

Today there are at least two problems with that. Many production lines are littered with cameras that monitor various aspects of the manufacturing process, so making a changeover can be a lengthy job. And second, in some industries, like pharmaceuticals, it’s essential that the changeover process is managed and controller, rather than relying on individuals getting it right, or not. (If we don’t know about the risk of human error, who does?!)

To deal with these challenges Crest Solutions have developed a product they call LineDirector™. I’ve only read the blurb on their website, but it certainly piqued my interest. Described as a system that “… manages line peripherals such as vision cameras, sensors, printers, coding devices and checkweighers,” it seems like an essential tool for the stretched vision engineer.

I shall be lobbying my boss to buy it right now!

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