Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Showing off your work

Admit it, there are times when you look at an image on the monitor and can’t help thinking, “That’s really cool.” (Darkfield lighting seems to produce some of the coolest effects, but so too can clever use of filters – especially polarizers – and even backlighting.)

Well if you’ve produced an image that you’re proud of, not for its technical value but for its artistry, Andy Wilson wants to know. Andy has decided to run a competition for cool machine vision images and while he hasn’t come up with a prize he is offering some publicity.

Some might say this is a waste of time, but I disagree. Images can convey a great deal of information, and as Andy points out on his VSD post, creative processing can enhance the ability of an image to inform the viewer. Plus, free publicity never hurt. (Well I suppose it could, but you know what I mean.)

Closing date for entries is September 15th, so get a move on!

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