Thursday, September 27, 2012

Smart camera upgrades from Matrox

Say “smart camera” and most machine vision people will respond “Cognex”. My guess is that only one in fifty would go “Matrox” and that’s a pity because Matrox has a very viable smart camera product.

Going by the name of Iris, and more recently Iris GT, it’s a capable product that runs a software product they call “Design Assistant” or DA for short. Now I’ve played with DA and I found it good, but not so good that I was filled with a burning desire to use it for every application.

But I hear there’s a pretty significant upgrade coming to Iris and DA. Things like more memory in the cameras, (always a good move,) upgrading the camera OS, and a host of new and improved tools for DA. You’ll need to wait for the official announcement from Matrox to learn what these are, but it’s my understanding that a filmstrip image replay function, like that on the Cognex Checker, is on the way.

Improvements are good, even if it is a bit of a pain-in-the-ass to switch over, but I’m still not sure this will convert me to the DA cause. But maybe I should download the evaluation version and give it a go.

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