Friday, November 2, 2012

Windows 8 and machine vision

What does the arrival of the new Microsoft operating system mean for those of us who deploy PC-based machine vision systems? I’ve been looking in to this and I think the answer is, not much.

Looking to steal a march on apple, Microsoft has created a touch-screen OS. (Read “Where do I click, again? A guide to Windows 8” on the R&D website for a good overview.) I like the idea of using touch screens in industrial environments – just tap in the product reference and hit Run – I see developing a vision system on one as a difficult, if not impossible, task.

And it seems I’m not alone. The people at NeuroCheck have come to much the same conclusion, advising their customers, “we do not recommend using Windows 8 for the time being.” (They also publish a pdf on the subject, which you may want to study.)

On the other hand, Scorpion Vision seems to be gearing up for the whizz-bang new interface, saying that their latest release, Scorpion X, has a “…focus on 3D Machine Vision and Microsoft Windows 8.0.”

Speaking for myself, I’m in no hurry to take the leap from 7 to 8, but what about you? Take my poll and let me know where you stand on your choice of OS.


Thor said...

At Scorpion Vision we believe that Microsoft is improving the operating system for every release with Microsoft Vista as an exception of the rule

Anonymous said...

Then you've probably never heard of Windows ME ;-)

Laith said...

Personally I cant wait to upgrade (I just need to dedicate a couple of days for familiarisation once I get it done. Its time Windows completely re-vamped ... the interface has been wholly the same since Win 95!