Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Intelligently designed camera mounting system

Cameras need rigid mountings if they’re going to stay aimed at your target. That’s why I like what I found on the website of clamp-maker Serview. They offer a range of posts, post mounts, and clamps, but what I really like is their “Scales and Keys” feature.

That last link opens as a pdf to their catalogue, and if you go to page 2 you’ll see what I mean. The rods have a key along one side that, when slotted in to the clamp, prevents rotation. That’s an idea so simple it’s brilliant.

And taking that one step further, they’ll even sell you a rod with a rule affixed to the side. That way, when your camera is mounted at a set distance above a conveyor you can make a note of the distance. Then, if ever the camera has to be removed, you’ll be able to put it back in the same place! Brilliant!

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