Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Machine vision textbooks

Returning to the subject of how to get a machine vision education, (“Any machine vision graduates out there?” November 26th, 2012,) allow me to share links to a couple of textbooks on the subject.

First up is David Vernon’s “Machine Vision”. Although this dates from 1991 the fundamentals haven’t changed. I find it an excellent resource to dip in to when I need clarification on a given point. Download for free and keep it on the laptop until you need it.

Of slightly more recent vintage, (1995,) is “Machine Vision” by Ramesh Jain, Rangachar Kasturi and Brian G. Schunck. This too, while not exactly Stephen King, is a first rate compendium of machine vision knowledge, and again, downloadable free of charge.

Or, for the just reduced price of $928.89, you can purchase a copy of the Machine Vision Handbook from Amazon. Edited by Bruce G. Batchelor, this is probably the definitive tome, but what a tome it is.

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