Thursday, January 31, 2013

New cameras at Automate

File this under “things to look for in a few months.”

Both JAI and SVS-Vistek spent some time telling about their new cameras. JAI have adopted a color – a jazzy metallic green – and have two new families on the way, the Spark and the Elite. If you know the JAI product line, you’ll realize that this represents a significant change in marketing approach: until now it was a case of “any color you like so long as…” well you know.

SVS-Vistek are also doing some interesting things, most notably their evo-Tracer which has a “Micro four thirds lens mount.” Translation: it’s a bayonet fitting that provides focus control. It looks really cool, but it’s not on their website. Check back later, I guess.

And last but not least, German camera-maker NET had a wireless smart/PC camera on their stand. Dubbed the Corsight, this is one of those PC-in-a-box products, but with wireless capability. I can imagine it being very useful in situations where I don’t want or can’t string an Ethernet cable through the plant. But it’s not on their website yet.

Final thought: it’s good to tease potential customers with next-generation products, but maybe a little more coordination between the webmaster and Marketing would be a good thing?

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