Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Under the hood of the ATS SmartVision vision software

Way back in May of 2012 I posted about how OpenCV provides a foundation on which anyone can build a machine vision product. (”Machine vision off-the-shelf or DIY?”) And then I stated my suspicion that the SmartVision software that automation specialists ATS use in their systems was OpenCV-based. Well it seemed a fair assumption, since their website said, “leverages open source software such as Intel OpenCV.”

Apparently though, as reader Nelson Bridwell of ATS pointed out, “ATS SmartVision, which runs on Cortex, is in-house software, and does not use any part of OpenCV, to the best of my knowledge”.

So I stand corrected. But now I’m curious how a product can leverage open source software such as Intel OpenCV yet not use OpenCV.

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