Sunday, June 23, 2013

Risk, risk-aversion and the AIA

Comparing machine vision integration to competitive cookery, (“Cooking up anapplication”) got me thinking about risk. One of the challenges for competitors in shows like MasterChef is deciding how much risk to take on. Play it safe and the judges will yawn but be too adventurous and they’ll puke.

It’s the same when you’re bidding for an integration project. You‘ve got to push the limits to bring the price down and excite the customer, but go too far and your business is at stake.

It’s especially true for new entrants to the industry. With no track record they have to be aggressive, yet that reduces their chances of success.

What’s the answer? Well perhaps this is one of the arguments for the AIA’s Certified Integrator program. I’ve been a proponent of this since it launched as I see it as a great way of reducing risk. I also see it as a powerful tool for the engineer battling demands to buy the cheapest system.

There’s only one weakness in the program that I’m aware of: no one has heard of it. Where are the big adverts in Vision Systems Design, Machine Design, and so on promoting the program?

Come on AIA, put some muscle behind it!

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linescanner said...

I couldn't agree more! The only thing holding back the Certified Vision Integrator program is the organization that invented it. Stop dabbling AIA!