Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CMOS and GigE

I’ve been reading about Basler’s racer linescan cameras. They’re pretty interesting. I hadn’t appreciated that they are both CMOS-based and GigeE. That’s a combination that yields some interesting benefits: less heat generated and no high-end framegrabber or expensive CameraLink cable required.

And where did I learn this? From “The Benefits of Modern CMOS Sensors in Industrial Line Scan Cameras”, available as a pdf download from Basler’s Document Downloads page. (Name and email required, but it is worth it.)

Now obviously, Basler’s White Paper isn’t exactly impartial, but it is well-written and filled with technical “meat”, so I suggest you take a look.

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Zhenyu said...

Thanks for the pointer. The document from Basler indeed supports the previous posts on the thermal advantage of CMOS camera.