Sunday, September 15, 2013

When cable length becomes an issue

CameraLink has a limit of 10 meters. That’s plenty long enough for my applications but I believe some machine vision users find that a problem. If you’re one of those, here’s a solution:

Moog Protokraft, based in Tennessee, has recently launched a CameraLink to GigE Vision converter. The Eagle Series GigE Vision Video Converter looks a pretty sturdy device and lets you take advantage of Gigabit Ethernet’s 100 meter cable length.

Nothing about pricing on the website, so I imagine they’ve made it just a little cheaper than replacing your CameraLink cameras with GigE equivalents. Could be very useful in some applications.

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Vincent Rowley said...

Dear Brian,

All seem to indicate that this series is a rugged version of the GigE converters that Pleora has been selling for many many years.

For "standard" machine vision applications, chances are that you will be better off using the products from Pleora since I would expect the rugged products to be more expensive.

The fact that Moog is selling such products may be an indication that GigE Vision is getting more traction in the military market.